Adam Feibelman was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He took to the art of graffiti, a path that would eventually take him to the California College of Arts and Crafts (recently renamed the California College of the Arts). His studies in printmaking and illustration won him the Yozo Hamaguchi award in printmaking, and a BFA with distinction. It was at CCAC where Adam came to know the massive world of art. Most important for him was the sweep from classic American photography, which he took as a realistic portrayal of the history of America, of the life and times of its people, to the freedom of modern and contemporary painting. Based on those influences, and reflecting his fast-moving imagination, Adam's paintings have taken on a satirical look, challenging concepts of modernity, using spaces as a language to describe forgotten places, and light to evoke their story and context within the present, our time. In the years following his formal education, Adam's knowledge of printmaking and savvy ability with spray paint developed into a love and talent for painting using stencils. His stencils represent hundreds of hours of meticulous work and fine detail -- the hallmark of his works. He continues to live and paint in Oakland, CA, and exhibits frequently.


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The Underbelly Project


For inquiries, please email
The Sureshot Symphony Solution: Album cover
Broke Pockets Entertainment: Album cover, poster designs, t-shirt designs
Slept On Records: design of promo kits, and posters
Mural for IGN (see clip below)



"Between the Sheets" August, solo show - Guerrero Gallery, SF, CA
"Counterproof: The Other Side of Print", May, group show curated by John Zarobell - Incline Gallery, SF, CA


"Building Context", August, group show- Guerrero Gallery, SF, CA


"Even Keel" December, Project room, Guerrero Gallery, SF, CA
"Inaugural", March, group show - Guerrero Gallery, SF, CA
"Underbelly" January, solo show - Project 4 Gallery, Washington, D.C.


"A Stencil Show", October - White Walls Gallery, SF, CA
"Missing C", September group show Basement Gallery, Oakland, CA
"Will Not be Wasted", group show - Terminal 22 Gallery, Oakland, CA
"Neighborhoods SF", September, group show - 111 Minna Gallery, SF, CA
"Insert Metaphor Here", August, adam5100 and Seth Armstrong exhibition - RedLetterOne Gallery, Tampa, FL
"Adam5100 and Brett Amory", June - Stumble Upon Space, SF, CA
"Hip Hop Without Boarders", fundraiser - Cell Space, SF, CA
"Your Kid Can't Do This", touring, Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Australia
"Cut Copy", group exhibition - T and P Fine Art, Philadelphia, PA


"FormerFunction" March, solo show - Stussy SF, CA
"The Heart Versus the Mind in a Fight to the Finish", May, solo show - Rowan Morrison Gallery, Oakland, CA
"Planned Parenthood Fundraiser", group show - Albuquerque, NM
"Family First", group show - White Walls Gallery, SF, CA
"Sinners and Saints", St Martins Hotel, via Art Republic, London, UK
"Stencil History X", group show - Ink_d gallery, Brighton and London, UK
"Adam5100 & Michael Genovese" - White Walls Gallery, SF, CA
"Outside, Inside" - Carmichael Gallery LA, CA
"Collabo-mask" - 6 Space, SF, CA


"Exacto Mundo" - Pawn Gallery, Dallas, TX-
Group Show with Albert Reyes, Mildred, Nathin Thomas Wilson - Jinxed Clothing, Philadelphia, PA
"All-stars", group show - Division 9 Gallery, Riverside, CA
"Distilled Annual Fashion and Art Show", SF, CA
"Favorites Show" - Outeredgestudio, Monterey, CA
"Expresscion" - Exhibit on Alcatraz, SF, CA
"2nd Annual Planned Parenthood Benefit" Albquqerque, NM
"AllStarHustlas 3" - White Walls Gallery, SF, CA
"Stencil History X", book release show, Paris, France
"Hip2Help Benefit Show" - White Walls Gallery, SF, CA
"My Favorite Color" - White Walls Gallery, SF, CA


"Allstar Hustlas' 2" - White Walls Gallery, SF, CA
"Boontling Allstars" - Boontling Gallery, Oakland, CA
"Open Studios" - White Walls Gallery, SF, CA
"New Stencil Works", Logan Hicks, Adam 5100 - RedLetterOne Gallery, Tampa, FL
"Lights Out" - Scion Dashboard, SF, CA
"Favorites Show" - Outer Edge Studio, Monterey, CA
"Layered" - Urbis Artium Gallery, 49 Geary, SF, CA
"Overhung" - Boontling Gallery, Oakland, CA


"Fantastic Amnesia" - California College Of Art, SF, CA
"All Star Hustlas" - White Walls Gallery, SF, CA
"Holding Hands" - Boontling Gallery, Oakland, CA
"Wet Paint" - White Walls Gallery, SF, CA
"50", Lobot Gallery, Oakland, CA
"3rd annual Erotic Show", Shooting Gallery, SF, CA
Pool Art Fair, New York City, NY
"Day In The Life" - White Walls Gallery, SF, CA
"World Of Influence, Redux" - Urbis Artium Gallery, SF, CA
"World Of Influence" - Urbis Artium Gallery, SF, CA
"Islands And Bridges" - Upper Playground, SF, CA